Nastalgia leaves melancholy in its wake…

When I look back I see a time when I was forced to be with the same people every single day…. 

I see a time when adults with more wisdom and experience than I could fathom spent more than half of their time pouring into me willingly….

I see playgrounds, hurt knees and field trips with bad memories that we laughed about later…. It was worth it for that… 

I see sleepless nights full of stupid dares and stunts that could have gotten us all killed…. 

I see silly jokes and songs made to help us study and borrowed pencils and paper…

I see food fights at lunch time and long walks downtown… We didn’t care where…

I see endless imagination and screaming at sports games… 

I see shared tears and long conversations because it was just us and our parents couldn’t help us…. 

Today I miss being a kid… Today I miss high school and college… 

Today… I miss all those people I was forced to spend time with every single day…

There will never be another time like those times again. 

Don’t be too quick to wish away your younger years. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but it rarely ever turns out to be when you get there. 

Focus on the present and you’ll only ever be worried about the grass beneath your own feet. That’s more than enough.

Stop This Train – John Mayer

It has been a hot minute 

I’m back. 

I have failed to keep up with this blog like I wanted to and I’m sorry for those of you that still follow me. I got promoted a couple months ago after I graduated to be a marketing writer for my company and things have just been insane. 

I have to confess that by the time I get home most of my creative writing juices have been spent, but I’m itching to produce something again. Something that’s not a sales pitch. Hahaha. 

I will get back with you on that, but for now, my next post will be more visually focused. 

I have missed you all. I hope everyone is well and still putting out all that beautiful work I know you’re capable of! Thank you for continuing to support me. 

Until next time. 🙂  

This is where life begins

I did it. I finally slid through that finish line tape (ok, more like stumbled through after face planting a few times) they call graduation. After seven long years I can finally come home from work and actually take some time to unwind. I can finally hang out with people again without saying goodbye when we just arrived at our destination.

This feels like freedom.

I understand that life won’t exactly be less busy, but I am excited that it will finally be busy with things I really want to do instead of things I am just obligated to do.

I am excited about all the possibilities.


Hello my faithful followers. I wanted to apologize for the lack of content lately. I am approaching graduation soon and classes have been heavier here near the end. I am also working full time and have just been blessed with my first niece, so needless to say life has been a little crazy.

Your continued support means the world to me, even when it’s just an art piece I have thrown up and not some well crafted words (if that’s what you can call anything I have done. Hahahaha). You are all incredible and I take time to read your lovely posts every week. Keep on inspiring the world and thank you for inspiring me. I love you all.

Here are some recent pictures I have drawn for an old friend. Please enjoy.

Her daughter had a birthday this past weekend and commissioned me to draw their lovely lab for her. Go Gamecocks! 😉