What is sad to me

It’s a sad day when someone falls off the face of the planet and no one notices because we have all made ourselves too busy and distracted.

It’s a sad day when we live our lives so connected by technology but find ourselves all alone when we look up from our screens.

Today… Is a sad day…

Travel: A Vital Part of Truly Living

I recently watched a clip from the TED Talks where Rick Steve’s was sharing the heart of his passion for travel. While there was a good many things he said that I did not agree with, he reaffirmed some points about why we should all travel that I stand behind wholeheartedly.

#1 We should all travel just for the experience of going somewhere different itself. It’s good to get a change of scenery every now and again and there is nothing more freeing and exciting than leaving (to paraphrase from John Green’s book Paper Towns). It can be contagious and give you a sense of adventure you may not have had before.

#2 Travel gives you important new perspectives on the world and other people in it. It is one thing to see and hear of the world on tv or through other people, but you don’t really truly know or feel much about it until you see it all in person. You see in person other peoples struggles, their culture, their lands. Experiencing all of these things tears down walls and broadens your views. It erases misconceptions and teaches you things you would never learn if you were to stay at home.

As Mark Twain once said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

#3 Travel adds to the imagination. There are so many unimaginably beautiful places to see and experience that will create wonder in our brains and give us new ideas and dreams. This is especially important for those of us who are artists in any way. Travel is a wonderful muse.

#4 Travel builds relationships. Whether you are making new relationships with people all over the world, or you are traveling with people you already know, it brings you closer to both. Travel is a form of connection.

I think if I let myself I could go on and on for hours, but let us wrap this post up.

I absolutely love traveling and I can honestly say I do not regret one trip I have taken, not even the ones that did not turn out so well. I have grown from them all.

Tavel = wisdom, deeper relationship, excitement/adventure, muse, connection, variety, wonder, experience, self-enlightenment, enrichment, and so much more.

So my friends, Live Well and GO! GO! GO!

Talk to you all again soon.


Pretend less, read more

Love this. Wonderfully inspiring and incredibly informative.

The History Woman's Blog

nerd-glassesSince being a nerd has become cool I don’t like it any more. Big glasses are no longer the indicator of a visual impairment caused by too much reading, and pasty skin is less likely caused by long hours spent in libraries, archives or labs. It’s more likely the result of an overpriced holiday in Finland and cleverly applied make-up.

It is now socially acceptable, even hip, to be seen sitting by yourself in a murky café reading Camus. It is even more so if you’re wearing a baggy jumper you found in a charity shop, while frantically scribbling notes into your Moleskin notebook or are indeed staring into your MacBook. Not even questionable personal hygiene or unkempt hair are a safe indicator that the person next to you is a borderline genius.

On the other hand, real nerds are now heading to the gym to fight the pen pusher’s…

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Defining your experiences

“What we learn from experience depends on the kind of philosophy we bring to the experience.” -CS Lewis

This is so very true. The longer I live (which hasn’t been too terribly long) the more I realize the importance of knowing what I believe and why I believe it and figuring out why I react to certain situations the way I do so I can know what to expect from myself in the future.

Life is a constant cycle of preparation. Experiences both help shape your beliefs and your character, and also give you a clearer picture of what your philosophy of life was before you had them.

Be as prepared as you can be. Never stop learning about the world, the people in it, and yourself.

Experience can be a helpful tool or a crushing blow. It all depends on what philosophy of life you have when you face them.

-P.S.- If you have a sucky attitude going into any situation you can keep yourself from learning from it, so keep up a positive outlook and an open mind. You never know what opportunities lie in wait for you.

Live well my friends. 😉 We shall talk again soon.