Arguing = Losing

I got into an argument with my dad today and it ended with both of us pissed off at each other and even more convinced the other person was wrong about everything they said.

Every time this happens I always think back to something my UTT teacher said my last year of high school. Once you lose track of the facts, get lost in emotion, and the “discussion” starts to be more about attacking the other person’s character and competing with them about being right, you have lost the debate.

She was more right than I could have ever imagined. I have even noticed this in watching other people argue. The person who loses their temper and becomes more focused on tearing the other person down I immediately tune out and lose respect for, no matter how right they may be about whatever topic may be being addressed.

You must respect people. No matter who they are or what you are discussing, you must show respect. Being a good listener, trying to understand the other side, and staying calm and collected makes other people want to listen to you and respect you too.

Being argumentative does good for no one, especially not for the argumentative person.


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