Dust of Snow by Robert Frost

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.


Poem is by one of my favorite Poets, Robert Frost. The picture is by me.

Frost, Robert. “Dust of Snow.” Poem Hunter. Poem Hunter Editorial Team, 1 Jan. 2003. Web. 26 Feb. 2015. <http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/dust-of-snow/&gt;

Growing Up is Boring

I once saw a comment on a friends social media page from a wise loved one who had lived on this earth far longer than she and I. He said, “Remember, growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

I do not believe he meant this in a negative way. He was not implying that we should not be mature, responsible human beings as adults. He was reminding us all to never stop being a kid at heart. He was telling us to never grow up so much that we can no longer sit in the snow and build snowmen or curl up in blankets on a nice plush couch with a warm cup of hot cocoa and watch cartoons when we get snowed in.

I was thinking of his comment today as I, a 24-year-old woman, got up with the sun and excitedly threw on my duck boots and tramped outside to catch the morning snowflakes on my tongue. I was thinking of his comment when I scooped fluffy, white goodness into a bowl and made snowcream with my sister. And again, when we bundled up and went to build snow creatures in the wonderland that used to be our backyard.

At the end of the day, I’m an adult that goes to work like everyone else my age. I carry myself like a professional when the time calls for it. I handle the world around me with care and try to incorporate all the wisdom I have been raised with. On the outside I have grown older. But on the inside, I will always be a kid that wonders at the simple things and gets excited about playing in the snow.

I have to say, I would not change a thing.

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PS – Yes, that is a snow Totoro. Every yard with a forest needs one. I called him, Snowtoro.

Dabbling with that Medium Called Drawing


Sorry for the overload guys. I just realized I haven’t done anything on here in ages. Now you are going to get everything at once. Mwahahaaha! I should write a post on the danger of free blog spots for people with overactive imaginations and too much time on their hands.

Thank you all for the support. I am going to start trying to post at least once a week now, if not more. Even if it’s just something like this.

Poem: Crying Out Inside

Why does it have to be this way?
I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders
I keep going under
I can’t catch my breath
Where are You?
I need You…
Please come, lift my head

You’ve allowed all these trials
Our faith has grown weak..
We struggle, we fight..
But our path is still bleak..
Where are You?
We need You…
Please come, give us strength

Things fell apart when she died…
Life here on earth has split open wide..
I try to be happy.. to bring home some light..
But darkness, it torments, and swallows its might…
Where are You?
I need You…
Please come, show the way..

It seems like their blame, it all falls on me…
My efforts, my smiles… it all seems in vain
They “cannot” be happy..
They refuse to let go..
Where are You?
They need You…
Please come, hold them close…

I fear I might lose him…
He grows worse each day..
His mind slowly slipping..
His anger array…
Where are You?
He needs You…
Please come, heal his heart…
Just a little bit longer… and it will all fall apart..

I cry on the inside..
But the tears stay at bay
I can’t understand
Why You’d leave us this way…

My heart keeps on aching
My joy drains away…
Lord, please hear me calling!!
Please take this away!
Where are You?
I need You…
Please…… help me get through!

Lord, I ask “how much longer….?”
I’m at a loss what to do…
I know I should trust You…
But its hard to pull through…
Where are You?
I need You…
Please… come make things right…

I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders
I keep going under
I can’t catch my breath
Where are You?
I need You…
Please come, lift my head…

A Glimpse of the Things I Love

I thought I’d share some of my photography with you guys so you could see my life a bit more. Enjoy

green_wizardry_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g908h coffee_time_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g959j dressed_in_dew_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8zwr mountain_sunsets_are_best_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8xmhromantic_savannah_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8xz0frozen_shadows_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8vj4red_sea_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8ycgsuperman_could_live_here_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8u5fmajesty_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8ytkhello_spring_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8zgfdragon_breath_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8x4d

Things that inspire me. Things that bring warmth to my soul. Things I find beautiful and that steal my breath away. That is what I like to capture. I’m by no means a photographer. I just have a good phone and some lovely filter options that other people took the time to create. Hahaha. 😉

Poem: Clouds

I looked up at the clouds and smiled to myself,
They were playing a game of tag again.
Some would move so fast that they would overtake the others,
Mocking their slow movements by swallowing them whole.

Some followed slowly behind,
Not caring to join in on the excitement.
These clouds were dark and gray.
I was sure that they must be carrying a heavy burden.

I watched as they covered up the sun,
And listened as they let their burdens go.
A long roll of thunder, like a growl,
And a flash of lightning,
Daring the earth below to defy them.

I knew that it was time to go,
But I could not help but be frozen in awe at their power.
Then, just as soon as they had released their anger,
Their tears began to stain the ground below.

I let them soak me for a while before turning towards home,
For I knew that sometimes it was needed to cry alone.

Excerpt Series Cont’d: Coffee and Swift Hugs

Splashes of color, twisted hallways and flashes of unknown faces, a twinge of apprehension, complete and utter confusion, running, lots of running, and then-

Jesse Williams awoke with a gasp and pulled herself into a sitting position. A small groan escaped her lips as she realized she was covered in sweat and she slowly began the process of untangling herself from her blankets. According to the clock on her night stand it was 5:00 am, an ungodly hour meant for sleeping, but she knew there would be no going back to bed now that she was awake. Nightmares were never fun to fall back into anyway, and that was all she ever seemed to have.

Closing her eyes, she let herself absorb the sounds around her. The creak of the fan turning back and forth at the foot of her bed, the song of birds chirping outside her bedroom window, and the unmistakeable sound of creaking floorboards and a pot of coffee brewing. She allowed herself a small smile as she realized that her best friend Kate was already up and going. Even though Kate absolutely abhorred the bitter brew, she would still take time every single morning to make a pot for Jesse. It was true that this was a gesture of sister-like affection towards her friend, but the fact still remained that a coffee-less Jesse was a monster of a moody brat to deal with. Kate was a very smart, smart woman indeed. A cup of coffee a day keeps the bad moods away.

Good morning sleepy head!” Kate’s voice came booming through the crack in the door, “Come and get your coffee while its fresh, eh?”

Jesse stretched out her tired, cramped body, and made her way to the kitchen in a sleepy haze. Just the smell of the coffee was already starting to work its magic on her and she gratefully picked up the cup Kate had already made for her and sat down at the kitchen bar. The warmth from the mug felt good on her cold hands, and for a moment she did nothing but stare into the pool of swirling browns and creams. She could feel Kate’s eyes on her as she took a long satisfying swig, and she waited for the question that she knew was coming.

Kate cleared her throat and took a swig of the tea she had clearly been working on since she woke up, before speaking. “How are you this morning?” She asked not too quietly. It was a loaded question.

Jesse looked up from her cup and met her friends eyes for a few minutes before taking another swig of coffee. Kate nodded, understanding what was unspoken, and set her tea on the counter before making her way over to Jesse’s side to give her a swift good morning hug. “I’m sorry…” she whispered.

Jesse returned her hug and offered her a small smile. “Not like you don’t know how I feel.” She patted Kate on the shoulder, “Don’t worry about it, Kate. I will be okay.”

Kate smiled back at her and gave her arm a squeeze in response, showing Jesse that she understood that things were not really alright and that she would be there if she happened to want to talk about it later. Jesse appreciated her friend for this. She knew Kate would never push unless she thought it was necessary. Today was not the day. Today, they would pretend like life was good and dreams were sweet. Today a good friend, coffee, and swift hugs were enough to make a life filled with too many nightmares bearable.

Excerpt Series Cont’d: Welcome to the Road

Today was the day! This was going to be my first day driving after getting my permit. As soon as my eyes opened that morning my body was taken over by the tingling sensation anticipation brings. The colors, smells, and sounds of the world around me were more vivid and loud than I remembered them being the day before. It was like I was waking up for the first time ever.

Shaking, I fidgeted with the last button on my jeans, a task that suddenly seemed like something I was new at, and raced up the stairs a little to fast. The smell of freshly brewed coffee hit me in the face as I took that last step into our conjoined living room and kitchen and my stomach churned at the following wave of over microwaved pancakes. Normally that combination would have been a welcoming “good morning” call, but today I was all bunched nerves and tightly reined happiness. Today I could not keep my eyes from constantly wandering to the door or my body from pacing the limited space of our quaint little town-home that tried to make itself seem bigger with high ceilings and big windows. Today my brother was coming to open the door to a world I had been waiting to enter since I was shorter than our kitchen counters.

A knock at the door caused my heart to jump into my throat and I ran over and ripped it open with too much force. He was there dangling his car keys in front of my face, smiling with that knowing smile of someone who had been in my shoes on a day like this before. The sun greeted my skin, the birds cheered me through the doorway, and suddenly I was in the driver’s seat of my brother’s beautiful old Honda Accord. Everything was beautiful that day because freedom was at my fingertips. A new world was a key-turn away and it was my turn to breech it. I looked to my brother and he nodded, speaking the two words I had been imagining him saying all morning.
“Let’s go.”

I smiled nervously, adjusted my mirrors, buckled my seat-belt and turned the key. The car buzzed to life, the rhythm of the engine mixing with the fast beating of my heart. We were not going to go very far at first, but I did not care. This was just a teaser for a future of new found independence and I was sure going to enjoy the whole journey to get there.