A Glimpse of the Things I Love

I thought I’d share some of my photography with you guys so you could see my life a bit more. Enjoy

green_wizardry_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g908h coffee_time_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g959j dressed_in_dew_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8zwr mountain_sunsets_are_best_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8xmhromantic_savannah_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8xz0frozen_shadows_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8vj4red_sea_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8ycgsuperman_could_live_here_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8u5fmajesty_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8ytkhello_spring_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8zgfdragon_breath_by_shadowsoflight09-d7g8x4d

Things that inspire me. Things that bring warmth to my soul. Things I find beautiful and that steal my breath away. That is what I like to capture. I’m by no means a photographer. I just have a good phone and some lovely filter options that other people took the time to create. Hahaha. 😉


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