Poem: Clouds

I looked up at the clouds and smiled to myself,
They were playing a game of tag again.
Some would move so fast that they would overtake the others,
Mocking their slow movements by swallowing them whole.

Some followed slowly behind,
Not caring to join in on the excitement.
These clouds were dark and gray.
I was sure that they must be carrying a heavy burden.

I watched as they covered up the sun,
And listened as they let their burdens go.
A long roll of thunder, like a growl,
And a flash of lightning,
Daring the earth below to defy them.

I knew that it was time to go,
But I could not help but be frozen in awe at their power.
Then, just as soon as they had released their anger,
Their tears began to stain the ground below.

I let them soak me for a while before turning towards home,
For I knew that sometimes it was needed to cry alone.


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