Everyone needs to have a way to unwind at the end of the day before they can truly rest. The busier and more responsible I become as an ever growing adult the more I realize the truth of this little nugget of wisdom.

For me, unwinding involves doing something I truly enjoy that does not take too much thought. After a long day of sometimes forced pleasantries and plastered smiles in retail coming home to do more brain taxing work just does not sound fun. So cooking has become my venue to relaxation.

Pulling out the cutting board, slicing through a crisp, juicy onion and pulling apart it’s layers while I try not to cry because I’m strong like that; I can just feel the layers of stress peel off me too.

The smell and popping sound of butter and squash in the frying pan makes my mouth water and brings me a simple satisfaction that I can not really describe.

This is therapy. This clears my mind. This also makes for a happy mouth and tummy, so it honestly does not get much better.

I suggest you all find something that brings you joy and do it often, because every day life needs fuel for the fire.

Stress is real and if you do not have moments of rest and spots of joy it will eat you alive.


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