Just Turn Around

I find myself falling
And it seems Your arms aren’t there
I feel I’ve been abandoned
Betrayed without a care

My heart, it seems so empty
My minds about to break
Have You broken Your promise?
I find that hard to take

I’ve tried to keep on going
To muster one more fight
But all my pain and effort
It’s hopeless with no light

I know I’m being foolish
My head tells me that’s true
My heart is in confusion
What it needs right now is You

My hands reach out to find it
That faith in You I had
But there’s something there that holds me back
And seeks to drive me mad

Inside it’s thorns are buried deep
It rips and tears my soul
Then leaving me alone to weep
The bitterness takes hold

It blinds me and it steals my hope
And turns my heart to ash
Before long all that’s left of me
Is a life that’s bound to crash

In You alone can help be found
My rescue You’ve assured
If only I would turn to You
And listen to Your Word

So now I see that I’m at fault
You never left my side
I merely turned my back on You
In my selfishness and pride

And now when things have gotten rough
I’ve panicked and cried out
But so far have I run from You
I find I’m filled with doubt

My shame, it overwhelms me
I feel I can not come
To You, who so forgiving
Oh God, I’ve been so dumb

I ask You for Your mercy
And to my knees I fall
To bare my soul in Jesus name
And on Your help to call

My burdens, they are many
To carry them alone
Would be a far to heavy weight
I do not wish to own

So here I lay them at Your feet
And in Your arms I’ll stay
I’ll put my trust in You alone
It’s meant to be that way

Poem by me


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