Laugh! It’s healthy

When I can’t sleep or I’m struggling with too much worry I sometimes cheer myself up by watching Conan Obrien highlights.

Laughing, for me, is incredibly healing. It scares away those dark shadows long enough for me to breathe.

So, I thought I would share a laugh with you here. Enjoy.

My friends and I have decided we are going to do this warm up the next time we see each other. I’m afraid I would be the Nicolai of the group and blow it right off the bat.

When I find something funny the poker face faces a failure to launch.


5 thoughts on “Laugh! It’s healthy

  1. Agreed! This is great advice- Conan is hilarious. Sometimes I’ll go to you tube and watch the old SNL clips- Sandler and Farley- always a really good laugh. :))

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