Today Was Heaven 

I’m sure you have all noted that my favorite animal is a horse (due to my sketch post). Also, I believe I have mentioned that my favorite place to be is the mountains and that where I live is beautiful. Well, if I have not convinced you to visit here yet, just take a look at this amazing place I went to today. 


Nothing makes me more happy than to get out in God’s beautiful creation. I was just absolutely in awe at his handiwork today. The weather was perfect, with just enough warmth to keep you from freezing as you stayed still and just enough breeze to fan you as you climbed and wandered. The sky was this vibrant blue with foamy clouds swirled all throughout it and to top it all off there were wild ponies around every turn! 

The silence we were faced with once we reached the top brought about such a sense of peace I have no words to describe it well enough; and everywhere we looked we were faced with rolling mountains and vast plains. 

Grayson Highlands is just a little outside of North Carolina in a delightful little pocket of Virginia. If you ever have the chance to go I would highly recommend it. Even the drive up was amazing. You are faced with quaint towns stuck in the past, friendly locals, and amazing scenery for miles. 

I will definitely be visiting this little slice of heaven again one day soon.


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