Passion is defined in the dictionary as “a strong and barely controllable emotion.” 

From my limited experience of watching people who are passionate about something I have found these things to be true.

It keeps you awake at night, mulling over new ideas and wriggling with excitement. 

You can not stop talking about it with everyone. 

You work hard for that passion, stoking the flames and making it come to life. 

You attract other people with it. 

You are willing to go to great lengths for it, including traveling to the ends of the earth and facing your greatest fears. 

It makes you take risks. 

It causes you to be a healthier person because you have clear goals and are constantly moving to accomplish a purpose. 

These are all characteristics I have seen to be true of the passionate people that have walked in and out of my life. Characteristics I have yet to share with any of them for any long stretch of time. 

This has left me wondering if we are born with passion or if we have to choose something and work for it?

Did we all know what we wanted to be growing up?

Do we all have a passion just waiting to be discovered in the depths of our hearts and minds that just needs the right trigger? 

Is passion something that, once ignited, just continues getting stronger on its own? Is it as easy as people make it look? 

Can people really just not help themselves and this passion compels them to move forward? 

I think I fall in line with the answer that we make our passions and it always takes more work to maintain them than we think it will in the beginning. 

I know that sounds disheartening, and I could be wrong to throw it out there as a blanket statement, but maybe it’s not as sad as it comes across. 

Maybe we were made to work hard for and wrestle with our passions.

Maybe it wouldn’t be fulfilling any other way.

What do you think? 


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