Collection of Life Poems

They Think Her Name is Silence
Blurred lines
No definition.
An empty soul
With no clear vision.
The world looks on and sees a “sweet girl,” and they think her name is

I dream of days
Where we ride paths
That never end
And eat ice cream
On stairs marked
By memories of childhood.

Wind in my hair;
Windows down, music up!
That beat, thrum, Thrum, THRUM,
Matching the rhythm of my heart.
I want to go far and never come back.

Empty Spaces
Mornings filled with silence.
Coffee sipped alone.
I didn’t realize I’d miss the spaces you filled.
Perhaps I did not realize they were empty before you.
Was it you specifically?
Do I miss your voice because I loved you,
or is it because I miss having someone there when everyone else is asleep?
I don’t trust these feelings.
Emotions lie to you when you are lonely.
This isn’t fair… To you or to me.
This isn’t fair.



I took these off of my site for a while and now I am re-posting them as a collection. All poems are by me.





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