Two Short One Silly

I decided to try my hand at a haiku and a limerick. I have never really put much thought into writing my poems in proper form and as I am currently taking a poetry class I have been challenged to do so.

The haiku is a traditionally short poem, commonly about nature, with three lines of 5,  7, 5 syllables.

The morning sun fills

my heart with much needed hope
as it warms my skin.

A limerick is also a traditionally short poem, commonly known for it’s silliness and frequently bawdy flavor. It has a rhyme scheme of aabba and five lines with varying lengths. The first and second lines often have 7-10 syllables, the third and fourth lines should be shorter with 5 syllables, and the fifth line should have 7-10 syllables again.

Elf on the Shelf
There was a small elf on a shelf

That could not move far by himself.
Each day he would wait
For his preordained fate
In hopes it would not cost his health.


Losing You

How did we get so far apart
along time's short avenue?
Did a small amount of distance 
really tear our hearts in two?

I stood by you through light and dark; 
I did not run away.
Yet suddenly what was a bond
has completely gone astray. 

We swore we'd show the world
what it meant to be a friend.
But now I'm standing here alone...
Are you going to keep your end?

I promised I would fight for you
until my dying day.
No matter what it is you choose, 
it will always be that way.

The silence may grow weary.
My heart may find it's death.
But I will not let go of you
Until my final breath.