Addicted to self-destruction

I hate social media.

I hate my need to live vicariously through it.

I hate that it opens doors to show other people the best of who we are and what we do and almost always covers up everything else.

I hate that I have become a person who relies on it to remind me of birthdays and important events for people I claim that I care so much about.

I hate all the politics, spam, and makeup party invites that make you want to unfriend good people.

I hate comparing myself to pictures taken at the right angles and looking at group photos when I’m sitting in my room all alone.

I hate that numbers equal worth and that people get offended if your relationships aren’t “facebook official.”

I hate all the false expectations social media adds to. Pictures of couples that seem perfect for each other in every way, beautiful weddings, cute babies, families that seem to always be happy, and the most adorable pets and best parts of homes.

Does everyone really have it all together but me?

I hate how addicted I am to self-destruction.

The screen becomes my mirror and I don’t like what I see.

This is what social media does to me.

And what do I do but wear the same masks as everyone else…