These Mountains Always Call Me Back 


There is never a day that I don’t wish I was in the Blueridge Mountains drinking coffee and chasing sunsets. They are a treasury of some of my greatest memories. There are trees there that still whisper of campfire songs and nights of endless laughter.

I feel more at home there than anywhere else in this world.

The last of my Fall

Yesterday was my birthday, and as such, we stole away to the mountains for one last Autumn hurrah. 

The journey there was beautiful. We passed hills upon hills littered with richly colored trees and nestled under blankets of green grass. 

I loved it. 

However, our time in the mountains was not meant to be. 

As soon as we entered the world I love so much the car decided it was done with all the driving and gave up.

We were left huddled together on the second overlook heading south waiting for our rescue but dreading having to leave. 

Even so, yesterday was a wonderful birthday. At the very least, I got to peak at the mountains before they lost all their colorful accessories. 

I am content. 🙂 

New York, New York


From ferries to pastries in Central Park, this trip to New York City will forever be one of my fondest memories.

Racing to catch the the underground subways, starting our mornings with fresh bagels and the best of coffees in little holes in the cities walls, and exploring every museum under the sun felt like something out of a dream. I loved that I could skip from China to Italy in a day and see remnants of the beginnings of America on every corner. I walked streets full of history, movie sets, different cultures, and interesting people and I felt an independence there that I haven’t felt in any other place.

I’m not sure if I would ever live there, but it is somewhere I would visit again and again and never grow weary of what it has to offer.

Mountain Getaways 

“And if these mountains had eyes, they would wake to find two strangers in their fences, standing in admiration as a breathing red pours its tinge upon earth’s shore. These mountains, which have seen untold sunrises, long to thunder praise but stand reverent, silent so that man’s weak praise should be given God’s attention.” – Donald Miller 


(Photos are by me – taken at Grayson Highlands in VA)


I like dogs, good books that smell like history, and coffee. 

I am fairly certain that wherever I go in life I could be perfectly happy with these three things and the occasional deep conversation that makes you feel important and connected enough to live your days out without loneliness. 

I’ve decided that my life needs a few clear goals and some simplification. 

Restarting your heart is hard when the keyhole is blocked by too much clutter. 

I also think that part of becoming who you are meant to be requires cutting the chords of comfort enough to break away and fly. Taking enough risks to feel alive. Facing enough challenges to grow. Doing enough new things and meeting enough new people to keep from becoming stagnant. 

These are just my thoughts on life at this moment. 

That is part of the journey; The exploration. 

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Ocean

Dark waters
Things unseen
Reasons why
The ocean
Scares me

So, I am going to the beach to take some time away from this overcrowded world with it’s endless loud noises and electronic distractions.

I want to write, listen to the waves on the shore, and watch my friends make happy fools of themselves jumping through rolling hills made of water.

I must confess, although I am beyond excited, I am also slightly apprehensive. I like the sound of the sea, the smell of the salty air, the breeze that rolls off the tide, and the feel of sand between my toes; but not being able to see what lies beneath me in the water and being occasionally sucked under and jostled around kind of terrifies me.

So, while I will enjoy the shore and the time off, I will be constantly wrestling with my love-hate relationship with this vast and powerful wonder.

Here’s to sand in all the wrong places, shark scares, and jellyfish stings.

Here’s to good memories, pleasant sounds, sun tans, sea shells, cool breezes, and time off.

 (featured image is not mine, but it is a picture of where I will be going)

Today Was Heaven 

I’m sure you have all noted that my favorite animal is a horse (due to my sketch post). Also, I believe I have mentioned that my favorite place to be is the mountains and that where I live is beautiful. Well, if I have not convinced you to visit here yet, just take a look at this amazing place I went to today. 


Nothing makes me more happy than to get out in God’s beautiful creation. I was just absolutely in awe at his handiwork today. The weather was perfect, with just enough warmth to keep you from freezing as you stayed still and just enough breeze to fan you as you climbed and wandered. The sky was this vibrant blue with foamy clouds swirled all throughout it and to top it all off there were wild ponies around every turn! 

The silence we were faced with once we reached the top brought about such a sense of peace I have no words to describe it well enough; and everywhere we looked we were faced with rolling mountains and vast plains. 

Grayson Highlands is just a little outside of North Carolina in a delightful little pocket of Virginia. If you ever have the chance to go I would highly recommend it. Even the drive up was amazing. You are faced with quaint towns stuck in the past, friendly locals, and amazing scenery for miles. 

I will definitely be visiting this little slice of heaven again one day soon.