New York, New York


From ferries to pastries in Central Park, this trip to New York City will forever be one of my fondest memories.

Racing to catch the the underground subways, starting our mornings with fresh bagels and the best of coffees in little holes in the cities walls, and exploring every museum under the sun felt like something out of a dream. I loved that I could skip from China to Italy in a day and see remnants of the beginnings of America on every corner. I walked streets full of history, movie sets, different cultures, and interesting people and I felt an independence there that I haven’t felt in any other place.

I’m not sure if I would ever live there, but it is somewhere I would visit again and again and never grow weary of what it has to offer.

Proud American 

This 4th of July was emotional for me. As I watched cars drive down the freeway with flags waving out of windows, served people at work dressed in red, white and blue, set off fireworks and waved neon sparklers with my friends, and listened to one of the tenors sing “God Bless America” with the crowd in NYC I found my chest swelling with pride and my eyes filling with tears. 

We have been through a lot of trials in this country. We see struggles every single day and the news only ever seems to be filled with negativity and strife (I know that has something to do with ratings, but it can be disheartening). I have watched friends and family fight for the freedom we so often take for granted as residents here, and listened to their hearts break as they talked about friends they had lost along the way. 

We have seen sacrifices made for this great nation. We have always come together when it really counts. When tragedy strikes, when freedom is threatened, the people here stand hand in hand and raise their voices. 

I know it is not true for everyone. I know that some could care less. But I love this country, and I always will be proud to be an American. 

(Photos are mine)