Time away 

There are some days where the world is just crushing my shoulders with its weight. Where the sadness is undeniable and unsuppressable. Where life just needs a quick escape route.

I find that on days like these a little time spent in a place you love with a good cup of coffee and a moment of prayer can really give you the small push you need to avoid just giving up and leaving it all behind.

“I’m tired, I’m worn, my heart is heavy… From the work it takes to keep on breathing… But I know that You will give me rest, when I cry out with all that I have left..”

(Pictures and writing by me – song by Tenth Avenue North) 

Stars in the Trees

The sky has stopped crying and the air is left smelling like wet earth. A small breeze is playing its way through the trees, and even though the sky has a sweater on I still see stars. 

Countless blinking stars in a place closer to my eyes. Flying around my face. Lighting up the branches over my head. Stars chasing each other and blinking to ask the other stars on dates. 

Even at the end of a bad day my heart is lifted by these little lights. These little fireflies. 

These stars in the trees.

Maybe summer isn’t so bad after all.