Time away 

There are some days where the world is just crushing my shoulders with its weight. Where the sadness is undeniable and unsuppressable. Where life just needs a quick escape route.

I find that on days like these a little time spent in a place you love with a good cup of coffee and a moment of prayer can really give you the small push you need to avoid just giving up and leaving it all behind.

“I’m tired, I’m worn, my heart is heavy… From the work it takes to keep on breathing… But I know that You will give me rest, when I cry out with all that I have left..”

(Pictures and writing by me – song by Tenth Avenue North) 

Be Encouraged 

Most all of us start from the bottom. Many of us stay there. But you should not measure your success or worth by numbers. 

Even if you are only impacting one person’s life for the better that is enough. As long as you are you, you are loving what you do, and you are making the effort to reach out, someone will be touched by it at some point. 

You can never know the full impact of what you do, but doing something you love and believe in will make you happier and probably do more for others than just sitting there not trying and doing something you hate. 

So keep on going guys. You are on here for a reason and someone out there needs your voice. 

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Bright Spots

Learn to slow down sometimes.

 Take your time. 

Enjoy the things that give your life bright spots like: Dinner with friends, baking with family, reunions, art, cooking, sunrises and sunsets, music, making anything at all, traveling to new places, eating good food, meeting new and interesting people, snuggling an animal, listening to a story. 

Whatever it may be, soak it in and remember it. It will help you get through the trials in life you will face.


(Photos are mine except the seagull, which was taken by my little sister, Carrie)


You Just Keep Coming Back (Thank you!) 

I am more than half way to 100 followers! I can not believe it! You all are amazing! Supporting me in my incredibly inconsistent ramblings and hanging on in the dry spells when life got in the way of my posting. I love each and every one of you and I wanted to let you know how encouraging and inspiring you all have been to me! You are all amazing creators yourselves and it blows my mind that you have chosen to support me. 

I am humbled and flattered. Thank you! Thank you! I can’t say it enough. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that life surprises you with blessings. 

Live well! Remember that I appreciate you and support you, always!