Fake Sophistication

The part of me that likes to feel sophisticated

listens to Debussy while drinking tea and reading

Critical Theory Today on a rainy afternoon.


(This is not my photo, although I wish I was sitting right there with that very set up right now)

I hope every one of you is having a wonderful Thursday. I wanted to shoot a post out to let you know I am still very much alive and well.

I have found that I really need to just get up early in the morning and post so I can be sure to have the time to at least share something every day. With University and work added to my lack of time management skills I have been a sad excuse of a blogger as of late. I apologize. I clearly need to do some self reflection in a dark corner somewhere so I can come back a better, more consistent, and enlightened blogger (aka I need to learn time management).

Any way, I appreciate  you all and remember to Live Well! Sending prayers and good thoughts your way. 😉